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Socially responsible

"CSR is a process whereby a company assumes responsibility, across it's entire supply chain, for the social, ecological and economic consequences of the company's activities, reports on these consequences, and constructively engages with stakeholders."

Source: MVO Platform

Promoclip International BV strives after obtaining her business targets in a responsible manner, by acknowledging the effects that her corporate activities have on the economic, social and ecological surroundings.

Our CSR policy is aimed at protecting the environment, good facilities for staff and on the sustainable purchase of natural resources.

Environmental protection

Besides strict compliance to the European environmental laws, a number of guidelines has been created in order to reduce possible damage to the environment.
Misprints and leftover clips are cleaned and re-used. Our packaging is mainly made of recycled material and are biodegradable. All trash produced by production and the office facility is carefully separated and recycled.

By not moving our production to a low-wage country, we avoid the transportation of clips any more than necessary. This contributes to a lower CO2 emission, reduces traffic and pollution. The durability of Promoclips make that they are not disposable products like normal paperclips.

A Promoclip can be used numerous times. Should a clip end up in the trash can, then the waste processing techniques will sort them out and recycle them into e.g. lamp posts or bridge railings. Our paperwork is mainly of none bleeched nature.


Promoclip chose not to move its production facilities to a low-wage-country, but to produce in the Netherlands instead. This means that both the production of the clips themselves as well as the printing, stickering and lasering is done primarily in the Netherlands. This avoids the outflow of labour from our own country.

The wellbeing of our personnel is of great importance to obtaining our business targets. Besides solid conditions and fringe benefits, our staff is offered a range of training and educational possibilities.
Working hours as well as holiday planning is kept to the staff’s own responsibility, provided that business allows so and co-workers agree. All employees are provided a safe working environment in full accordance to the Dutch Arbo legislation.


Promoclip acknowledges the importance of responsibly purchasing raw materials, components and services. We therefore try to make use of local services, do not purchase goods or services from countries where human rights are violated and do not buy any raw materials that have been irresponsibly harvested or otherwise taken from nature.

As member of the Platform Promotional Products, we acknowledges the Code of Conduct that has been composed by them. Promoclip asks all its employees to act and work in compliance to these guidelines.
Besides that, we try to convince business relations of the importance of putting up a set of social and environmental policies in order to become part of a better world.