It is not without reason that many an effort has been made to copy the most successful paperclip, for the two-legged model makes it possible to bring on the clip very easily. All you need to do is give it a little twist, whereas different shaped models often tend to cut the paper. Not only the two-legged model matters, also the patented bends on the rear side of the clip really make the Promoclip better than any other clip. You will have noticed the strong bend at the top rear side of the clip. This gives the Promoclips more strength and will also make the clip return to its original shape after using. A Promoclip easily holds 2 to 15 sheets of paper!

Hardly visible – but of major importance – is the slight bulging in the rear leg. This avoids both legs to touch at the crossing point and therefore prevents the clip from cutting the paper when applied. Obviously your paper should not be damaged on receipt!


Both bendings have been patented. For more information please contact our sales team.

Promoclips are cut out of spring steel strokes, a process automatically producing a sharp edge. Next, when folding a clip, a sharp burr will inevitably appear. Promoclip developed a solution for both problems. After cutting, the Promoclip-to-be is folded halfway and then put in a bath to undergo a stonewash treatment. This polishes off the sharp cutting edges and burrs. Right after, the polished clips are closed and are ready to be printed. This production process is unique and makes our products to a very user friendly paperclip.

Apart from the fore-mentioned patents, the product name “Promoclip” has been Registered with the Benelux Merkenbureau in order to avoid unlawful use of it.

As of January 1st 2010 each Promoclip is marked with a small subtile “Promoclip” branding on the rear side. This enables you to quickly determine its authenticity. Besides that, the product branding makes it easier for us to protect the our product.


When in doubt of holding an authentic Promoclip, please do contact our sales team.