Digital printing allows the printing of individual names, as of 500 clips only. Every employee gets his own clips! That’s what we call personal contact.


Be different and upgrade your correspondence with an elegant and powerful Promoclip! The only truly functional paperclip. Holds 2 to 15 sheets firmly together without damaging the paper. Order your own Promoclips now. They are already available as of 500 pieces.
A Promoclip can be easily put on using two fingers only and by giving it a gentle twist. After using a Promoclips will return to its original shape, so it can be used over and over again. The recipient of your clip will surely keep it on his desk!
Each clip is carefully deburred and smoothened during the production proces. The rear leg of the clip carries two patented bends, preventing the clip from cutting your precious documents. The bends and the smooth finishing make the Promoclip the best of all paperclips available: lots of strengths to keep your paperwork together, without damages.


Your Promoclips are packed in a transparant deskbox carrying 100 clips. Against a small surcharge, smaller boxes with a contents of 50 pieces or larger boxes with a contents of 250 clips are available. Abusiness card can be inserted.

Fancy Box
People receiving clients at the desk might want to opt for the fancy deskbox. A gem on your desk, holding 100 clips.

Poly Etui
Promoclips can be handed out on trade shows or event when using the transparent pouch, offering room for 1 to 25 Promoclips.

ML clip


A larger version of the original Promoclip, and just as easy to use. Its sheer strength however, is unique: it holds 2 to 40 sheets of paper together!

Even more interesting is the size of the printable surface, which offers plenty of room for your logo or commercial text. More room than any other clip.

Digital printing makes it possible to offer ML clip from 500 pcs.
ML clips are packed like the original Promoclips in a transparent deskbox containing 100 clips. A smaller box with a contents of 30 clips is available against a small surcharge.

Fancy Box
The ‘fancy deskbox’ accomodates a maximum of 30 ML clips.

Poly Etui
Handing out ML clips on a trade show is possible using the transparent pouch, with or without printed insert. This pouch holds up to 10 ML clips. The fancy deskbox offers space for 30 ML clips.

XL Money Clip,
a unique give-away

Safely holds bank notes, credits cards and receipts. Carrying a solid laser engraving and available in give away packaging. This is the largest and strongest clip from our products range. Made of brushed stainless steel and finished with a silver shiny laser engraving for a maximum contrast to the steel colour. The XL clip offers space for your logo and even a short message.

Companies that use the XL clip are often found in the real-estate and financial business and it is mostly used as a friendly way of saying ‘thank you’ to a client. An XL clip user will be seeing your logo and message every time he takes the clip out of his pocket.

The insert can be printed if desired to make clip and packaging match your corporate identity perfectly. Don’t forget to also enclose your own business card! Available as of 50 pieces. A safe way of saying thank you to your valuable clients.


Instantly catches your eye! The smart Paperpin® binds your presentation in an easy way. A clever invention

The attractive design makes the Paperpin® a welcome guest on any desk.

The Paperpin® can be printed on both the shaft and its head, for instance with your internet address or pay-off.
Combined with a printed or standard cover, your presentation will make a strong impression.

Your logo is either printed or laser engraved on the Paperpin®. Standard packaging is per 100 pieces in a stylish metal holder.
The Paperpin® has following advantages:

  • Holds up to 22 sheets.
  • • Can be combined with different kinds of covers
  • • Put it in and take it out in a single move
  • • To be used also without cover
  • • Reusable time and time again

The lead time is approximately 3 weeks after approval on PDF proof.